Happy Valentines Day!

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Author: Ashka Naoemi Dorol

  February 14, 2020    I   10:47am

Valentine’s day is one of the special events that happens every year. It is a time of giving your valentine the most precious gift you’ve earned for so long. And so, why don’t we make it in a very thoughtful way by having a little practicality yet special.

Did you know why we celebrate Valentine’s day?

A roman priest named saint valentine performs weddings for soldiers who forbids to be married, because of a roman emperor who’ve seen married soldiers are not good warriors and with that reason, soldiers could not marry. What saint valentine does is he wore a ring with a cupid on it, which symbolizes love—it is the thing that helps soldiers recognized him. This saint also handed out paper hearts to the Christian people for them to be reminded their love for god.

Today, as this legend is being believed by so many loving people, St. Valentine became known as a “patron saint of love”. There is a prayer of saint valentine in which you can pray and ask saint valentine to connect lovers together, and so that two lovers who became as one remembers their promises to god.

It also became a more solid event when a poem written by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381 which tells about love. Thus, historians consider this origin a modern celebration of valentine’s day, and that is why today we celebrate our romance with a one special person.

Share this knowledge to your forever ka-Camfin in life!