Things To Consider Before Borrowing Money

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Author: Meagan Astudillo

  September 20, 2019   I    9:30am

Planning to borrow money from a bank or a lending company? Know first the things to consider before going through the process.

Check the legitimacy of the entity you are dealing with. Due to technological advancements, documents such as permits and web sources are easy to manipulate. Just because their website looks professional and genuine or their Facebook Page has thousands of likes, does not mean that it’s legal. Check if they have an office you can visit. Ask your family or friends if they have heard of such company. Ask for recommendations from people you know who have tried borrowing money and were successful from it. It may seem like the upper hand is yours because you’re the receiver and not the lender, but if you look at the bigger picture, it’s the money that you should worry less about.

Ensure that you’re borrowing for the right reason. Assess the situation if you really need the money before borrowing. Determine how much you need, and if it’s worth the risk. Think of other options that are less risky or alternatives where you can raise the funds you need. Having the right reason will avoid debt or other financial issues in the future.

Timely repayment. In every lending or financing companies, they take into consideration the value of a good credit reputation. In line with your paying capacity, you should also be responsible in paying what you owe on time. Lenders are more willing to lend money to borrowers who have a reputation of timely repayment.

Many people who already tried borrowing money did not think of the risks that come with it and ended up more broke than they actually were. Borrowing money is not just asking for funds and paying it when you want. Before you do, know first what you’re getting into.