Camfin Celebrated Its 11th Anniversary in the Lending Industry

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Author: Meagan Astudillo

  September 28, 2019   I   9:30am

Camfin Lending Inc

This year, Camfin Lending Inc celebrated its eleventh year in the lending industry. On 28th September 2008, Camfin Lending Inc. established its first office in Quezon City. Started in a small office a decade ago, today a recognized lending company serving thousands of clients all over Luzon. Our team has worked consistently this whole time to achieve a fundamental goal – provide high-level of satisfaction and become a standard of excellence in the market. With innovation, teamwork, and dedication, we continue to deliver excellent services and gain trusting clients.

11 years of intense professional activities, initiatives and projects were accomplished together with our highly-valued former and current talents. The professional drive, creativity, loyalty and determination to make things work made Camfin last for over a decade. Having employed over a hundred of enthusiastic professionals, it is truly a proud moment for us to say that experience gained at Camfin Lending Inc. enables them to achieve great success professional lives.

Our success depends on the clients’ success. That’s why we are always finding better ways to improve our product & services and contribute to every client’s success. Because Camfin believes that when our client is stronger, so are we. Camfin Lending Inc. is truly grateful to have reached a decade and one of prosperity. In the years to come, we will be fully committed to creating bigger opportunities for more people and contributing success by providing high-quality services. Eleven years is not enough and we will not stop there. This is just the beginning. 

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