PENSION LOAN: The Natural Choice


M. Astudillo


July 09, 2020

PENSION LOAN: The Natural Choice

Convert tomorrow’s pension check to today’s cash.

Usually, loans can be taken out with your car, your house, your paycheck etc. But do you know, you can also take out a loan even with your pension? Think of when you were working an 8-hour shift majority of your life; you deserve to do something important for yourself.

If you’ve fallen on hard times and you need that hard cash money either to pay for bills or to help you with your treatment and you need more money than your retirement benefits each month, you can apply for a pension loan.

CAMFIN Lending Inc. can help you out and no, we won’t take all your pension payments so there’s nothing to fear. Our company will make sure you won’t waste your life’s worth of service and savings. We’ll make sure that you’ll borrow enough that you’ll still be able to repay the loan. CAMFIN’s pension loan also covers disability and survivor pensioners.

Your pension is your savings for the later life, your benefit after retirement. So before you use it for a loan, better use it responsibly so that your life’s worth of savings won’t be put to waste.

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