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Aug. 18, 2020

Respect, integrity, satisfaction, and excellence (RISE) has been one of our keys to growth and improvement in serving you, our customers. Building rapport with you is our goal by providing quality loan services and affordable interest rates. We always make sure that from our first loan product to the latest; our clients will have high quality satisfaction.

CAMFIN offers variety of loan products that my fit your financial needs that has fast approval, affordable interest rate, easy installment plan and a flexible term. If you own a car or truck, our Car/Truck Loan ( Sangla OR/CR ) is perfect for your cash need. The original and latest Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration of your car will only be kept safe.

Second hand Car or Truck Purchase is offered to those who are in need of help in purchasing the car they want or the truck they need for their business. And if you are at the prime of your life and wants to make the most of your retirement life, our SSS Pension Loan best fits for you. We also offer pension loan for survivor partners who was an SSS member and for PWDs who are receiving pension from SSS.

Also, to achieve high satisfaction for you, our valued customers, we created a Facebook Page to centralize information and to easily reach and communicate with you. Our Facebook Page will give space to create a more long-term, interactive platform where we can really engage with you by answering inquiries.

With just your fingertips you can apply, send us inquiries, feedbacks, and our accommodating staffs will gladly help you with your questions and application. We’ll make it easy for you, kaCAMFIN!

Join our community by liking our Facebook Page and stay up to date with what’s coming!

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