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Author: Maegan Astudillo

  December 21, 2019   /   11:45am

Camfin Lending Inc.’s Holiday Gathering – a way for Camfin to give back to the people who contributed to the company.  Camfin’s first ever gathering was filled with learnings and fun celebrated last December 14, 2019 at 11th floor of Ancar Motors Bldg. (Function Hall). 

To make the day productive for the guests (Financial Consultants), Marketing staff of Camfin conducted a short seminar to introduce the company’s new loan services and to give information about Financial Consultants’ additional incentives. There was also a discussion that served as a guide to the agents on how they can recommend Camfin Lending Inc. to their present and potential clients using Social Media.

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Not just information and learnings were shared that day; it was also the fun, smiles and laughter over good food and good stories. Stranger became acquaintances, acquaintances became friends, and friends became family.  The true spirit of Christmas.


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